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Knowing Your Rights After a Car Accident

We’ve all been there – seconds after a car crash a million things go rushing through your mind. Is everyone alright? How much damage is there? Whose fault was it? Should we call the police? Do they have insurance? If not, will my insurance cover this? What about medical cost? Will I have to miss work?

What You Should Do Before an Accident

No one actually plans to have an accident. Being proactive is the best gift you can give your future self if it does actually happen to you. Utilizing these tips can ensure you will be ready for the unpredictable:

  • Carry a safety kit – if you live in a cold climate, that might mean a winter blanket. Also, for any area you should carry external hazard lights so if necessary you can direct oncoming traffic to go around your vehicles. Make sure you have excellent flashlights and working batteries
  • Have essential documents ready to go – ID, insurance cards, vehicle registration, etc.
  • Have a cell phone and a car charger so that if the battery is low you can still use it if you need to call for help or a tow truck

After the Accident

An unexpected car accident will scare you no matter who you are. It is important to have a plan to help you maintain a level head and do what is necessary to have an outcome without regrets. This guide can help get you there.

  1. Get your vehicle(s) to a safe area (if you can)

If your vehicle is able to still run safely, moving your car to the shoulder of the road will aid in getting you out of harm’s way. If you cannot move your car, make sure to turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers.

  1. Check on others involved

If your accident involves other parties, make sure no one is hurt. Do call 911 if anyone may be injured. Even minor symptoms such as dizziness should be checked out by health care professionals.

  1. Call 911 and request the police come to make a report

Even if the accident seems to be minor, an accident report by the police can prove invaluable when speaking with car insurance companies, other drivers and if you eventually have to go to court. Be respectful, but avoid declaring fault or blaming others at the scene. Allow the police to objectively evaluate the situation.

  1. Collect facts

We are living in a technological age. If you can safely use your smartphone to take pictures of the scene, cars involved, area and anything you think would be important as to why the accident took place in order to document the scene as much as possible for an incident report for your insurance or possible court appearance – do so.

Once all of this takes place, if you think you need a lawyer, contact the law offices of Jessica Rodriguez. We can work with you to ensure you receive the compensation required for car repairs, medical bills or lost wages as quickly as possible. Call us if you need help at: (832) 767-0725. We are here and ready to assist you.